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        Chapter Six: The Birth of a Camaraderie


        You shift your position slightly. These bed sheets were awfully cozy. Yawning slightly, you relax your body.

        “Good morning.”

        What the hell?

        Fully awake now, you jump up and away from whoever it was that just said that. You are still turned away, but upon inspection you figure out that you are still at the Bifrost sight, and in your car. Then everything floods back: your trip out here in the middle of the night, the storm, and then nothing. Your head aches a bit and you rub it, though you are still paranoid of the person in the car with you.

        You turn around slowly, and gasp. The person was a man, a handsome man at that. A very handsome man. C’mon, _____, no hormones. He looked to be in his late twenty’s and he had long raven black hair, ice-green eyes, and a smile on his face. Why does he seem so familiar?

        Obviously, by the look on your face, he could tell that you were scared, and confused.

        “Do not fret, I am not here to harm you. I am merely here because I have to be.”

        That just made you more confused.

        “Erm, okay. That’s good, I guess. May I ask your name?”

        He looked like he was contemplating something for a moment before he responded.

        “Loki. My name is Loki.”

        Then your mind went into overdrive.

        Loki. Loki Laufeyson Loki? It has to be. No one would name their kid Loki. Not anymore at least. This guy almost killed your dad. He could’ve destroyed New York for good. Dad would freak out if he knew. What about Jane? She would tell Thor for sure. Is he going to kill me? He’s going to kill me. Oh no. Oh no.

        As by instinct, you opened the car door and jumped out, trying to figure out what to do. There has to be something I can defend myself with. But then you realized who you were. You were a weapon, you had extremis.

        This time, you didn’t hold back. You let yourself go hot, but not too much. The orange flowed through your veins, and you smiled like a maniac. You had never been able to do this before, and in all honesty it felt amazing.

        By now Loki had hopped out of his side of the car, and was staring in shock at you.

        “Loki Laufeyson, God of Mischief, what the hell are you doing here?”

        He gave you look that said it all, but you waited for a real answer.

        “I told you that I had no choice. I was banished here.”

        “Well that explains everything,” you were still hot, “Why were you banished? I thought you were damned to a cell years ago, before I was even born!”

        “Well, I decided that I’d rather not rot in a cage for the rest of eternity, so I escaped.”

        “That was stupid. Maybe if you proved you could be good then they would’ve let you out on their own.”

        “Well, Mrs. Know-It-All, I do not recall my family ever putting trust, or forgiveness, into me.”

        You sigh. There is no winning outcome here.

        “So now you are stuck here, on ‘Midgard’, with no power, I assume?”

        He looked surprised. “Wha- How did you know that?”

        You smirked. “The same thing happened to your brother, Thor, correct?”

        “He is NOT my brother!”

        “Oh, did I strike a nerve?”

        He clenched his teeth, now he was seething.

        “What is your name, mortal?”

        “Why should I trust you, Mr. Turn-On-Everyone-That-Loves-Me?”

        “Because I have nothing left to lose.”

        You look down in sadness, letting the extremis dim from within you.

        “_____ Stark. That’s my name.” He blinked then looked away, seemingly distant.

        “Then I presume you are the daughter of the Iron Man?”


        “Why are you here, then? In the middle of nowhere looking at the Bifrost site?”

        “I ran away from home.”

        “Why?” He was pressing you, and you didn’t like it.

        “That’s none of your goddamn business! I should just leave you here. You almost killed my dad.”

        No! Please do not! I am alone, I have no one. I know I’ll be a burden, but please!”

        You sigh. Where will you even put him? If anyone found out his origin he’d be doomed. That’s when an idea sparked in your head.

        “Okay, get in the car. We’re going shopping.”

You and Loki meet for reals! That was a pretty heated argument (get the pun?)- hope you guys can work it out! :(

Anyway, if you haven't read the last chapters, check my gallery! There is more to come, so do not fret!

Finally perfected how to use tools with Stash Writer. Now it looks much more professional! :D

As always, feedback is welcomed. :)

All MARVEL characters and settings belong to MARVEL Comics(r). I have all the rights to the story though, so no stealing!
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sarpndo Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
"Get in the car. We're going shopping"
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WOOO HOOOS FOR SHOPPING! Let's get Loki out of those clothes and into something else. This is most definitley going to be interesting. ONWARD TO ZA SHOPPING!
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Love it but dad's gonna freak when he finds out 
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SophiaofTerra Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
If he finds out. You could potentially shelter Loki from everyone by going on the run....
wolfgirl501 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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I just read this part on the fly. I like it already, and I didn't even see the first part. :D

Good going!
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