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October 25, 2013
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        Here you were. At an outlet mall. Explaining things to Loki again.

        “So what exactly is your plan, _____?”

        “Well, I was thinking that we would give you an entirely new identity, beginning with your clothes.” All of the leather that had been in his outfit was gone, but he still wore a tunic with a pair of dungarees. All in all, it looked far too bland for your taste.

        “I think we should go to Macy’s first. They have some pretty good men’s apparel.”

        “Okay, what will we do in this ‘Macy’s’?”

        “We will get you new clothes. I literally just went over this.”

        He blinked. “I do not recall such a conversation.”

        “Well I do; try not to space out when I’m talking. C’mon, let’s go!”

        With that, you grab Loki’s hand and lead him to the shop; Loki reluctantly tugging at your hand to let go. Instead of giving in, you let your hand go a bit hot, and when he would wince you would grab on tighter. It was cruel, but it worked. “We’re here!” You let go of Loki’s hand as he looks around in wonder.

        “This is an interesting place that you have brought me to, _____.”

        “Yeah, I know. The men’s stuff is the next floor up. I suggest that we go up the escalator.”

        You lead the way as Loki follows closely behind, still looking around in awe. You laugh to yourself as you remember a scene from ‘Elf’ exactly like this.

        Stepping on the escalator, you wait for Loki to follow you. “Are you sure it’s safe?”

        “Yes, it’s safe. I’m not dead, am I?”

        “No, I suppose not. But you never know anymore.”

        You laugh at his reply, but the distance is still growing between you. “I don’t have all day.”

        “I’m coming.” He takes a cautious step onto the escalator and you try to suppress a giggle as he yelps in surprise. “You can do it. Don’t be a spazz.” He takes the full step on, and clutches the rail in a death grip only fear could conjure.

        Once at the top, you decide to address something. “What should we do about your name?”

        “What do you mean? Surely you like it.”

        “No, of course I do! But if anyone found out who you truly were, you’d be screwed.”

        “Point taken. What should my new name be, then?”

        “I was thinking of something along the lines of Tom. You seem like a ‘Tom’ kind of guy.”

        “Tom it is. When we are not amongst others though, I would prefer if you called me by my real name.”

        “It’s settled.”

        Expeditiously, you make your way to the men’s section. You take a minute to look Loki over a bit. He is very tall, perhaps 6’4. He has a slim form, but you know that he was still pretty ripped. His face is carved beautifully, to put it lightly. In all honesty, it was god-like. His icy green eyes were shining brightly. You subtly regard his lower regions, but look away quickly. No, _____. Don’t even think about it.

        “Okay, Tom, you can take a look around the store and see if you find anything. The changing room,” you point in the room’s direction,” is over there. You might want to try one the clothes and make sure that they fit. I am going to be in the section over there.” You point in the direction of section you will shop.

        “Alright, thank you, _____. I’ll meet with you once I am done fitting.”

        “See you Tom. Oh! And make sure to choose a couple of jackets, as well.”

        Swiftly, you turn around and head to the woman’s shoes. I wonder how this will go.

Loki hasn't widow shopped, but I still thought it was a fitting title for this chapter. Jumping la Did you guys notice the tie with Tom Hiddleston? I thought it might amuse a few of you. :3

Sorry it's so late, guys! I have been under a crap lode of stress and I sometimes just don't have the time or temperment to write. Dango-sad-some-more  But it's finally here! Huzzah! :D

If you haven't read the last chapters, check my gallery! There is more to come, so do not fret!typerhappy Kaoani 

As always, feedback is welcomed. :) (Smile)

All MARVEL characters and settings belong to MARVEL Comics(r). 'Elf' is a copyrighted movie that I do not own the rights to, either. Nor do I own Macy's. I have all the rights to the story though, so no stealing!

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GrimmBeginnings Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014   Artist
Thank you <3 I love your stories so much... I wait eagerly for the next part.... i just thought of something funny... Since reader is Tony's daughter... They could go to a Shakespeare in the park.. Or like a renaissance fair... Oh god I am horrible... The terrible, terrible things my mind comes up with >.<
SophiaofTerra Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ha-ha! That idea is actually kinda brilliant. :)

I've been meaning to pick up this story soon. Hopefully I'll have the time. :| But thank you so much! :D
GrimmBeginnings Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014   Artist
you are very welcome, and i'm glad that i could give you an idea... I will await the next part of your story here soon
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